Enhance Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

chances-of-getting-pregnant Enhance Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

Being a mother is a dream of every married woman and there are women who become pregnant easily. But some women may have to wait long to get pregnant. So if you are planning to get pregnant then take care of your health and change your lifestyle to enhance your chance of getting pregnant.

1.    If you are under birth control pills then first of all you have to stop these six months prior to conceiving.

2.    Over weight will be a problem for getting pregnant. So you need to maintain your weight according to your height. Under weight also leads to complication during pregnancy.

3.    You can also consult a doctor before planning for a baby so that the doctor can do a complete check up. This will give you a chance to rectify any problems that you might have and you can deliver a healthy baby. The doctor can also advice you about the dos and don’ts.

4.    For being a mother you need a sound body as you need to support another life with in you. For this a well balance diet that contains lots of vegetables and fruits are required. You can adopt a protein and vitamin rich diet and can avoid sweets and fatty foods. Foods rich in vitamin B are found to be beneficial during this period. Get rid of alcohol and smoking from your life.

5.    In order to keep your body fit you need to take reasonable exercise and rest along with sufficient sleep. Sleep for about 7 to 7 ½ hours and makes your self fresh and healthy.

6.    If you are planning for a baby then you can take folic continuously as they can bring down the birth defects and can also increase the red blood cells production.

7.    Notice your ovulation period during which you will have more white and fluid discharge through your vagina. At this time women will be fertile and you can choose this time for making love.

8.    If you have a habit of using sprays and artificial lubricants in your vagina then stop this as all of these are chemicals which may affect the sperms performance and may cause problems to your baby.

9.    After having intercourse lie on the bed for about 20 minutes and you can also insert a pillow below your pelvis and this will help you to direct the movement of the semen towards the uterus. In order to maintain the quality of the semen you can restrict the number of copulation. Also try to get rid of the stress during this period as stress may cause hormonal imbalance and it may prevent you from getting pregnant.