English countrysides – A romantic’s dream

english-countrysides Most of us seek a retreat from the city humdrum upon getting a holidaying opportunity. If you are living in England or the nearby place, then English country-side locales are definitely a must-see.

These are ideal vacationing spots with beautiful lush green fields and lovely picnic spots. The best part about an English countryside is that you can select it as a romantic outing or a family holiday spot as well.

Also, there are innumerable options as far as the sites are concerned. Here’s a peek into the top-rated English country-side scenario:

The English rustic lands can be segregated into several regions as per their geographical position. For instance, North England, East England, East of Midlands, South East and North East England, Yorkshire etc.

Each of these areas has splendid holiday locales of their own. If you are the one with a sense of romance and adventure, then make sure to visit East Midlands. This rustic area is well known for hills, parks and of course, the Sherwood Forest.

Freiston shore is yet another remarkable area to visit in this region. People loving bird watching can get to see an array of water birds in this region.

The northern country-side locale is well known for Lake District. The place is already a great tourist hub and also is well-known for its breath-taking sceneries.

People who enjoy exploring wildlife scenarios and animal life should make it a point to visit the Northumberland National Park. The Barn Owl Project of the area is famous and deserves to be explored.

Other than that, the natural beauty of the place is simply fabulous. There are green hilly areas which are also amazing sight-seeing places. For instance, Hadrian’s Wall Country is one spectacular area of historical importance in this region.

South East English country-side is again another spectacular area to see with an abundance of greenery, parks and forests.

Sussex and Hampshire are two areas which are absolute treat to tourists. The places look straight out of a fantasy story book with a litter of medieval cottages and castles. Plus, there are lovely gardens and parks to treat one’s eyes.

Camera friendly people have plenty to shoot in these regions.

If you wish to get into the scenes of Jane Austen’s novels then make sure to visit Yorkshire. It is one of the most interesting locales within the English countryside areas.

The area is well-known for its abundance of natural beauty. Plus there are lovely rustic villages, rivers and landscapes in this region.

So, if you are already dreaming of a silent retreat into one of these romantic locales, rush to a tour planner now.