Engagement etiquette

Engagement etiquette The question has been asked and the happy answer has been given – what next? Yes, the couple is now engaged to be married. Now all that remains is the planning of the wedding, isn’t it? Not quite. Before they even start thinking about which location to choose, the right engagement etiquette has to be observed.

To start with, the announcement of the engagement is an important task. Assuming this is your first time being engaged, you may be unaware of the rules that follow an engagement. Disregarding them will only result in hurt feelings (yours as well as others).

“I’m engaged!”
Who is this joyous exclamation made to first? That would be the parents of the happy couple. This includes step-fathers and mothers as well as divorced parents.

Never hide the news of your engagement from family and friends. Even ex-spouses and lovers, especially those whose children you have borne or are on good terms with, would want to know the news. Inform them after your parents: they’d rather hear it from you than anyone else.

The announcement
Announce the engagement in the local newspapers. This can be done by the bride-to-be’s parents or the betrothed couple themselves. Think through the words of the announcement carefully and ask for advice if needed. It would be unpleasant to hurt someone publicly by saying something wrong in an announcement.

Rings and parties
While engagement parties and rings are generally a part of engagements, it is not mandatory to have either. In case of an engagement party, remember only to invite those people who you plan to have at the wedding.

The sad news
While no one expects it, engagements do break off due to certain reasons. At such times, the family and friends involved need to be informed at the earliest to ensure that they don’t start making plans for the wedding. If the couple cannot do so, the parents or a relative can undertake the responsibility.

Tidings of an engagement are supposed to bring joy and cheer. Let it be so with yours as well by following the right etiquette.