Energy Drinks for Teens

energy-drinks-for-teens Supermarkets or convenience stores display several energy drinks, which are targeted mainly at teens. Energy drinks you can generally find at convenience stores are Monster, Full Throttle and Red Bull. Read ingredients on the labels of energy drinks prior to buying a drink.

Sugar and caffeine allows you to get energized and awake. Energy drinks are rich in sugar and caffeine. Caffeine excites our nervous system. The amount of caffeine in half a cup of coffee is equal to the caffeine in ¾ cup of an energy drink.

Energy drinks gives you lot of energy, as they are rich in sugar. You may feel tired once the effect of energy drink wears off. You need to consume energy drinks occasionally. Frequent intake of energy drinks increases your weight apart from causing cavities.

Side Effects of Caffeine

Intake of too much caffeine would cause several side effects including stomach upset, insomnia, arrhythmia and dizziness. You will be addicted to caffeine. You may suffer from headache or tired if you stop intake of caffeine.

Addition of Herbs in Energy Drinks

Some energy drinks producers claim that addition of herbs such as yerba mate and guarana would enhance the boosting level of energy drinks.

Addition of some herbs or pills in energy drinks may even result in harmful effects such as allergic reactions. US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is not monitoring energy drinks. Hence, such energy drinks are not safe to consume.

Amino Acids and Vitamins in Energy Drinks

Energy drinks consist of several vitamins and amino acids. Amino acids help our body to produce proteins. If you eat a well balanced diet, you don’t need to worry about vitamins and amino acids. Intake of cheaper multivitamin supplements is recommended if you don’t take well balanced diet.

Intake of Energy Drinks during Exercises

You should prevent intake of energy drinks before and after exercises. You are recommended to consume sports drinks. Sugar and caffeine, which are present in energy drinks, would dehydrate your body.


You should not mix energy drinks with alcohol. Energy drink is a stimulant whereas alcohol is a depressant. Combination of alcohol and energy drinks would cause dangerous effects.