Egg Recipes for Beautifying the Skin

egg-face-masks Nutrients in Egg

Almost all ladies are very conscious about their beauty and skin. A healthy skin can make some body appear young. You can keep your skin beautiful by using the ingredients in your kitchen. There is no need to go after the chemicals or chemical treatments available in the market.

Egg has a lot of nutrients and minerals in it that can keep your skin soft, moisturized and nourished. Egg consist of vitamin A, B6, B12, D AND E. it also contain folic acid, zinc, iron, riboflavin, phosphorous etc that are essential for maintaining a healthy skin. All these constituents makes egg an important part of skin care. You can make several egg mixtures that can help you to modify your skin.

Egg Face Masks

Take one egg white and mix it with one tablespoon each of honey and glycerin. Blend this mixture well and apply it on your face and skin. Allow it to be on the skin for 10 minutes and then wash it with warm water.

Get one tablespoon brewery yeast and one tablespoon sunflower oil in a bowl. To this mixture add one egg yolk and mix them well to make a fine paste. Spread this paste on your face and neck and keep it there for 15 minutes. Afterwards wash off the mixture with cold milk.

Add one egg yolk and one tablespoon almond oil in to a bowl and mix them well. To this mixture you can add fresh cream to nourish the skin and apply it on your face for about twenty minutes. If you have omit dry skin, then this mask will moisturize your skin.

Take some grape juice by squeezing the grapes and add one lemon juice and mix well. Now add one egg white to this mixture and blend them well to form a fine mixture. Apply this mixture on your face and keep it for 20 minutes and then rinse with warm water.

Take a small piece of pumpkin and mash it with one egg yolk. To this add little milk and mix them properly till it becomes creamy. Apply this cream on your face and keep it for about thirty minutes. Then wash it off with warm water.

Make a fine mixture with one tablespoon each of beer, yogurt, olive oil, almond extract and one egg white mixed with one lemon juice. Spread this paste on your face and leave it for twenty minutes and then wash with warm water. This will help to seal the pore on the skin.