Effective Tips for Tress Care

tress-care1 Sometimes the manner in which, many women treat their hair is quite shocking because they brush it hard, causing hair to break and they even do not bother to provide any extra nourishment to it. You should never wear ordinary elastic bands that tear hair. Even while shampooing you should be gentle with it. Do not pull it or scrub it as your hair will end up in knots. The worst thing that you can do to your tress is dry it with a blow dryer almost everyday.

Understand Your Hair Type

You need to understand that your hair is extremely delicate and if you don’t handle it with care then it is bound to look dull and become brittle. If you want to take care of your tress then you should first find out its type. The care will differ for oily, dry, or normal hair.

Care for Oily Hair

Oily hair requires a lot of care and you need to shampoo it often. Make sure that you do not scrub your hair very hard while washing. Many people think that over scrubbing will make their hair shinier and cleaner. It will stimulate the sebaceous glands and your hair will become oilier. It can also damage your delicate hair follicles. While shampooing, do not pile the hair on the crown of your head. This will lead to breakage and tangles. You can use lemon juice for the last rinse during shampooing. This will make your hair glossy, clean, and healthy.

Problems of Oily Hair

If you are too lazy to shampoo your hair regularly or look after it then you are in for trouble. If you let girt and grime to accumulate on the scalp and the hair then your hair will become weak and you will also suffer from scalp infections. This can also result in pimples on your face, back, and chest.