Eco Friendly LG Remarq Coming On Sprint

To boost the use of environment friendly gadgets, LG has launched a new eco friendly phone, called LG Remarq. This green LG device, free from hazardous chemicals and materials, will be launched by Sprint this summer. Nearly 87 percent of LG Remarq could be recycled.

LG Remarq features

Eco friendly features

LG has packed Remarq with eco friendly materials. Recycled plastic has been used for making the outer casing of the handset. LG has made minimal use of brominated flame retardants (BFR) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) for making this environment friendly device. LG has even used recycled material for packaging. The tray inside the package holding the phone is made from 100 percent post consumer recycled material, and the craft paper used for making the exterior of the package is made from 87 percent recycled material.

Moreover, like most eco friendly phones, LG has integrated an Eco Calculator for measuring the carbon footprints left behind while driving a car. The Eco Calculator reminds LG Remarq users the advantage of walking or cycling for reducing carbon dioxide emission. In addition, LG Remarq will be shipped with an energy efficient charger.

Other features

Besides its eco friendly features, LG Remarq is a simple cell phone carrying basic cell phone features. The 89mm long, 64mm wide and 15mm thin slider phone weighs 108 grams. It boasts a slide out full QWERTY keyboard, which can be used for writing emails or communicating with contacts on social networking sites. The TFT display of the phone comes with 320 x 240 pixels resolution and supports 262 thousand colors. LG Remarq features a basic camera with 1.3 megapixel resolution and 2x zoom.

This upcoming LG phone created for Sprint will boast a media player for playing MP3 files. Prominent messaging formats including text messaging, multimedia messaging, email and instant messaging through Windows Live, AOL and Yahoo are supported by the device. LG has added Bluetooth and microSD memory card slot to its eco friendly phone. Sprint users can access the wireless backup service offered by the carrier. LG Remarq will help users to locate their destinations with the help of the Sprint Navigation service.

Price and availability

LG Remarq will be available from May 9 for $20 along with a two-year Sprint contract.