Eco-friendly gift ideas

The most important part of gift giving is that it should be done with love and good intentions. It is also important to be eco-friendly nowadays. Hence, if you can give eco-friendly gifts, you will not only make someone happy but also protect the environment.Selecting ‘green’ gifts is easy if you know for whom you are shopping. Review the person’s hobbies, work and life styles personality traits etc. Moreover, in order to be eco-friendly, think of natural gifts, personalized presents and organic products as well as ones that use minimum packaging.

Make a present
A close relative or friend would love to receive a gift that you have made especially for them. For a gourmet, spend some time in the kitchen preparing a cake, pies, jam, brownies, chocolates etc. For the fashion conscious, personalize plain organic cotton clothes with their names, a picture, famous saying etc.

Perform a present
This gift is ideal for environment-conscious couples. Prepare or arrange a special evening for the two of you and give your gift in the form of your talents. Sing a song that you wrote for your beloved, play a special composition on a guitar or piano, write a poem, cook his or her favorite food, paint a portrait and so on and so forth.

Eco-friendly products
Organic beauty, skin care or bath products are ideal for those who love using products of different types. You can also make wonderful gift bags with cotton or linen instead of plastic. Fill these bags with homemade goodies; the bag itself can be reused for shopping. Gadgets powered with solar energy are ideal gifts for youth of the next generation.

Real green gifts
True nature lovers will appreciate your eco-friendly efforts and would love to play their part in protecting the environment. Present them with tree saplings, seed packets, membership to an environmental support organization, books on nature etc.

With nature
Present outdoor lovers with a trendy bicycle – perfect way to travel green. They may also appreciate books on various outdoor activities or memberships to such clubs.
Give ‘green’ gifts and stay eco-friendly!