Eco Friendly Cleaning

The commercial cleaning agents that you use for cleaning your home often contain hazardous chemicals and toxins. If you care for an eco friendly lifestyle you should get rid of these toxic substances and replace them with eco friendly cleaning agents. Eco friendly cleaning is safe for your health and the environment. Moreover, the cleaning prowess of these products is comparable to popular commercial cleaners.

Eco friendly cleaners

For cleaning the floor, tiles, sinks and every corner of your house, you can use natural cleaning ingredients. White vinegar is a powerful eco friendly cleaner, which can remove grease and dirt from the sinks and tiles. In addition, vinegar helps to kill fungi and molds hiding in damp corners of your house, reducing the risk of mold allergy. Baking soda is another odorless eco friendly cleaning agent, which could remove even the stubborn stains. If you are looking for an eco friendly cleaner that doubles as a disinfectant, you can use borax.

Lemon juice and hydrogen peroxide are natural bleaches, which you can use to remove stains. Salt could be used for scouring. It is especially suitable for cleaning silverwares. Liquid castile soap is another eco friendly all purpose cleaner, which you can safely use for washing and cleaning. For covering up foul odors, you can spray natural essential oil such as lemon oil, lavender oil, rose oil or sandalwood oil in the room.

Eco friendly laundry

Your laundry detergents contain several toxic substances. It is not unusual to blame chemicals present in these detergents for allergies, dizziness, nausea, breathing difficulties and headache. Moreover, when we wash our clothes, these harmful substances enter our water system, causing intense harm to the environment. It might be difficult to make a laundry detergent using natural ingredients at home. For the sake of eco friendly cleaning, you can opt for commercial washing detergents containing biodegradable products.

Avoid detergents that contain powerful bleaching agents such as chlorine. If you care for the environment, you should avoid dry cleaning. Instead of using clothes dryers, dry your clothes in the sun. For cleaning your whites, add a cup of vinegar to a pail of water and soak your white clothes for an entire day.