Eat Well During Pregnancy

eat-well-during-pregnancy During pregnancy you really need to eat well. More than that, you should know what to eat and what foods to avoid. If you eat healthy then you can ensure of giving birth to a healthy child. You need to remember that your baby gets nutrition from the food that you eat. If you make good choices while eating then your baby will grow and develop in a healthy manner.

Vegetables and Fruits

As you get a number of vitamins and minerals from vegetables and fruits, it is very important to consume them during pregnancy. Folate, iron, vitamin A, and other essential nutrients are found in dark green vegetables and thus, you should have them during pregnancy. Many vegetables and fruits also have Vitamin C, which aids in the absorption of iron and is good for healthy gums.

Enjoy Veggies

You should have more than five servings of vegetables and fruits everyday.

You can enjoy a fruit by adding slices of it to your cereal. Enjoy a vegetable pizza. While making casserole you can add more vegetables. If you feel tired of having only green beans, oranges and apples, then introduce variety. You can have pineapple, spinach, winter squash, sweet potatoes, apricots, and mango.

Fresh fruit juice is a good choice but you should bear in mind that excess juice can make you very fat. You can also mix different types of dried fruits and have them as well. It is essential to eat healthy but it is not desirable to gain weight unnecessarily.

Food Grains

You get vital carbohydrates from grains. Whole-grains have B vitamins, iron, fiber, protein and different minerals. You can also get sufficient folic acid from fortified cereals. Have about nine servings of grains in a day. One serving of grains is equal to half cup each of cooked rice, cold or hot cereal or a slice of whole-wheat bread.