Eat Less Meat

There are many people in this world who’s food is incomplete with out meat. If you are a person who takes  lot of meat then you are at risk of many diseases. Eating meat makes you prone to cancer and other heart diseases. You may also develop high blood pressure, gall stones, constipation, appendicitis, breast cancer, prostate cancer, diabetes, piles, obesity etc. Several thousands of animals are killed  for meat purpose . This in turn is also causing numerous health and environmental problems.

Health Benefits of Eating Less Meat

If you are eating meat, you are consuming all those hormones and chemicals that the animal had consumed. You may also have the chance to get salmonella bacteria from meat and also the worms like tape worm. Bacterial infection may cause fever, diarrhea, cramps, vomiting, chills, headache etc. Hence if you are avoiding meat then you will be protected from these chemicals and the health hazards caused by them.

If you eat less meat then it may lower your risks of getting osteoporosis. This is because more you eat meat more you will be having protein in your diet. When the level of protein increases in body then it may lead to the loss of calcium from bones. This is because protein produces more acids with in the body and in order to neutralize these acids calcium is leached out of the bones. Calcium that is washed out of the bones gets deposited with in the kidney and gall bladder and develops stones there.

Lower the meat intake lesser will be the risks of heart attacks as meat increases the level of cholesterol in your body and makes you to prone to get heart diseases.

Different Protein Sources

Instead of meat you can find other protein sources like fish, chicken, milk, cottage cheese, tofu, egg, beans etc. All the proteins, vitamins and minerals present in meat are also available in vegetables like legumes. More over vegetables will be less in fat and cholesterol and hence you will be double benefited by turning in to a vegetarian.