Eat for energy

eat-for-energy The day hasn’t even started at 7 am and you’re already longing for bed, simply because you don’t have the energy to face the day. Feeling sapped after a night’s sleep is a common condition observed among many people. This is not because of lack of sleep but lack of energy.

How can one wake up feeling tired in spite of resting the entire night? The root of the problem can be traced to an unbalanced diet. The consumption of wrong kinds of foods leads to less energy and more exhaustion. And it’s not about how much work we do but the quantity and quality of what we eat.

To start with…
Let’s start at the very beginning. The first meal of the day is without a doubt the most important. Never leave the house without doing two things: brushing your teeth and eating a healthy breakfast. You can’t survive the day’s work with bad breath and no fuel for work.

This doesn’t mean highly caffeinated coffee is the best choice for a pick-me-up. Good breakfasts consist of eggs, fruit, cereal, oatmeal, whole wheat bread, cheese, milk, or juice.

Put away the junk food where it belongs
That is, in the trash. Cakes, pastries, chips, cookies, sodas etc are the eternal favorites for munch or lunch time. Getting rid of these is the first step towards eating healthy for more energy. Replace these snacks with nuts, cheese, dried fruits, salads, yoghurt or fruits. Make sure you have these ready to consume whenever you have a snack attack.

Eating less for more energy
One large meal will result in restlessness and make you feel less energetic. Eat good food in small amounts at regular intervals of the day. Green and leafy vegetables should be included in plenty in your diet.

Water tales
Drink sufficient water in order to stay hydrated. Feeling thirsty is natural; ensure that you satisfy your thirst with water and not carbonated drinks.

Exercise in moderation, sleep well and live happily for a more energetic life!