Easy Homemade Lip Gloss

lip-gloss Are you tired of spending your money on make up? If you want to make a great-looking lip gloss at home then you can easily accomplish the task. All you need to do is gather the required ingredients and you will be able to make lip gloss easily. It would really feel great to create a lip gloss using the color and flavor of your choice.

Things Required For Making Lip Gloss

You need to grab hold of some lip gloss containers, petroleum jelly, a spoon, and a microwave-safe dish to get started. You can also get a lipstick for color, any flavor, and some sparkles.

Steps in Making Lip Gloss

The first step for making your lip gloss is to take some petroleum jelly in the microwave safe container. If you want to color your gloss with a lipstick then scrape some lipstick with a knife and add to the petroleum jelly. Now you have to microwave the mixture of petroleum jelly and lipstick for about 30 seconds or one minute.

Add Flavor and Some Spark

You have to remember that you are micro-waving it only to melt it. Now you can mix some glitter and any flavoring agent of your choice. For flavor you can add a little bit of almond or mint extract, vanilla, or honey. Stir well. Your lip gloss is ready.

Store it Well

Now you have to store it well so that you can use it whenever you want. With the help of a spoon take out the lip gloss from the microwave safe dish and then keep it in the empty container. In case this is your first attempt in making lip gloss then you can store the container with the gloss in the fridge for some hours. After that wear it and see if you like it. In case you are pleased with it then you can make some more the next time. If you want to add some other ingredients then just microwave and carry out the same steps.