Easing the crib to bed transition

crib-to-bed-transition Your baby grows into a big girl or boy in front of your eyes and you may wonder when it all actually happened. It started probably when the baby was too old for his or her crib and wanted to sleep in a bed.

When you see your son or daughter standing tall in the crib, trying to come out of it or surprising you by climbing out of the crib on their own, it’s time for the crib to go and the bed to come. And of course, like everything else in life, it’s not as easy as discarding an old piece of furniture and buying a new one.

Safe and sound
When your children are involved, safety comes first. Even if the little toddler insists they’re old enough to sleep on a real bed, you, as a parent, will know better. For the first few months, it is best to have a toddler bed that is low.

Place some blankets around the bed to cushion an accidental fall in the night. Leave a night light in the child’s room and another one outside the room. It would also be a good idea to play some similar music in the child’s room. a prerecorded song sung by you or your child’s favorite tune.

An exciting process
Involve your child in the process and make it exciting for him or her. Allow them to choose the bed, sheets and pillows – they can select cartoon characters, animals or Barbie prints. This will make the new bed less strange for them. Sleeping with their stuffed toys and dolls also makes things easier.

Bed time saga
With a new bed, it’s also time for a bed time. Bed time rituals can vary. You can have a singing session or a storytelling session with your child before they go to sleep.

The crib to bed transition can be a fun process if executed in the right way. And don’t be surprised if the child cries for the crib again on the first night. Change is hard for everyone!