Ear Infection Treatment

Children as well as adults suffer from ear infection. Infection can occur in any of the three layers of the ear. External ear infection is known as Swimmer’s Ear or Otitis Externa. Middle ear infection is known as Otitis Media. And infection in the internal ear is known as Otitis Interna.

Causes of ear infections

Water or wax trapped in the ear can trigger bacterial growth, producing ear infection. Middle ear infection usually occurs from obstruction in the Eustachian tube. Cold and sinusitis could block the ear canal leading to Otitis Media. Allergies can even lead to this ear problem. Middle ear infection is common among children.

Ear infection treatment

Ear infections are usually treated with antibiotics. Certain home remedies could even help to cure the infection. If wax blocking your ear is responsible for your ear infection, put about two drops of hydrogen peroxide in the affected ear. This home remedy could provide relief from the discomfort within a few minutes.


Garlic is a natural antibiotic that can help to heal ear infection. Put one to two drops of garlic juice in the infected ear twice a day to cure your ear infection. You can even treat ear infection with warm garlic oil. To prepare garlic oil, crush two cloves of garlic and add them to two tablespoons of mustard oil. Heat the oil containing crushed garlic cloves, until the garlic cloves turn black. Strain the oil.

Margosa leaf

Neem or margosa leaf is another natural antibiotic used for treating infection. Few drops of margosa oil could kill the infection causing bacteria in your ear.


Herbal eardrops containing lobelia extract are effective in curing ear infections.

Onion juice

You can pour one to two drops of warm onion juice in your infected ear to cure the infection. Onion juice is especially recommended for preventing pus formation in the infection ear.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is a natural remedy for ear infection. It can even reduce pain.

Warm compress

A warm compress could help to cure the pain associated with ear infection. It can even drain the pus and fluid obstructing the Eustachian tube.