Dual SIM Phones

Dual SIM Phones

Mobile phone companies have a task of bringing new innovations and updates to constantly acquire revolution in the marketing of mobile gadgets. Almost every mobile company since its launch have been riding high in the success of these, in order to make customers heed of these.

Going by the new updates, dual SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) with active standby has been the latest sensation amongst all. With clamor intervened among mobile operators in slashing call rates have made masses tempted to touch all, thus making folks with less than two SIM a rarity, along with the demand for a dual SIM with active standby headset mandatory.

There are two types of dual sim phones. They are

Dual Standby SIM Mobile

In earlier days an adapter was used to hold two SIM, and this was compatible with many phones. But the main disadvantage was that, in order to turn to another network the phone had to be logged off. Few models with this feature were Nokia 1100, Nokia 3120 etc. But the main purpose of making both networks active was left stranded.

Dual Active SIM Mobile

In order to solve the drawbacks of the earlier version, a new version of dual sim phones came into existence. Dual sim with active dual standby enables you to use both SIM simultaneously thus allowing you to receive calls, SMS, MMS, voice messages from both networks. This is also known as dual active sim phones which contains two transceivers to attend both networks. Few dual active SIM phones include ION B201, SAMSUNG D880, KARBONN K330, NOKIA N89 etc.

Though the perpetrators of these were china mobiles, but with invalid IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number has ceased their existence, thus paving way for other mobile operators like NOKIA, SAMSUNG, SONY ERICSSON and KARBONN to launch new dual SIM phones. New phones like SPICE MOBILE have launched multi SIM facilities. The only disadvantage in using dual SIM phone is that it eats a lot of battery charge, thus leaving it for a single day standby. Though cheap dual SIM mobiles have entered the market, care must be taken in choosing the right one from a proper brand.