Dry Skin and its Remedies

dry-skin Dry Skin

Our skin has oil glands called as sebaceous glands and these glands secrete oil or sebum. When the level of sebum produced by the glands decreases our skin becomes dry. This is because in the absence of sebum it becomes difficult for the skin to hold moisture. With out moisture the skin becomes papery textured and very thin. This causes skin itching, irritation, burning and may produce flakes in the skin. The skin pores becomes very fine and so the skin becomes tight after wash.

Causes for Dry Skin

The climatic conditions like hot sun, winter, cold wind etc will affect the skin and may cause wrinkles and lines on the skin. Dry skin produces more moisture in the upper layers and less moisture in the lower layers. Hence the skin becomes dehydrated easily in hot sun. In cold weather the skin dries up due to the outside cold and the heat inside the body. Poor and unhealthy diet, smoking, use of chemicals like harsh soap, creams and face washes and diseases like active thyroid, eczema etc leads to a dry skin.

Remedies for Dry Skin

1.    Avoid the frequent washing of your face and arms as it make take moisture from your skin and leave it drier. If you want to wash then use pine oil or oatmeal which contains anti-pruitic agents. Always prefer oil based and moisturizing soaps instead of the alcohol based ones.

2.    Take as much as water and fresh juice and this will help you to nourish your skin from inside.

3.    Ex foliate your skin regularly and use natural vegetable oils instead of the commercial cleansers. Olive oil, almond oil etc are found to be highly beneficial for dry skin as they are enriched with skin nourishing agents like nutrients, proteins and vitamin D, E, C, A.

4.    Honey is found to have good healing property and if applied along with milk it will moisturize your skin. It is also beneficial for rejuvenating the skin. A mixture made out of honey, rose water, egg, and olive oil can create magic on your face in fifteen minutes.

5.    Make a paste with cucumber, apricot, mango, banana, avocado, green tea leaf, grapes, honey and cow milk. Apply this on your body and leave it for about 15 minutes.

6.    Massage your body for about 20 minutes with home made mayonnaise and then wash it with luke warm water,

Avoid dried and fried food and take good sleep for about 8 hours a day and makes your skin glow.