Dry Herbs to Give a Pleasant Ambiance to Your Home

dry-herbs Dry Herbs to Give a Pleasant Ambiance to Your Home

Most of the herbs that are grown in your garden are annuals and they can’t withstand the frost. A severe frost may turn your green perennial herb in to black. So the best way to preserve your herbs is drying and storing. So that you can use these herbs even if they are not available in your garden. You can use these dried herbs for medical purpose, culinary purpose and also to refresh and decorate your rooms.

Tips to Dry Herbs

1.    Harvest your herb just before flowering because the herbs will have a maximum of essential oil when they are about to flower. After flowering the amount of essential oil gets reduced.

2.    While harvesting herbs for drying choose a time when most of the dew drops in the leaves gets dried by the sun. Also avoid the rainy days and the days when there is more humidity in the atmosphere.

3.    If you are harvesting the perennial herb then cut the herb in such a way that the portion for drying will be around 15 to 30 cm in length. At the same time the herb will get a good pruning prior to winter.

4.    There are different methods for drying the herbs and they are air drying, oven drying, freeze drying etc. Of these air drying is the simplest and cheapest method of drying.

5.    For air drying select an area that gets good ventilation and no direct sunlight. Tie the herbs and hang them from a clothes line or strong string. You can also separate the leaves from the stem and can keep the leaves in a tray and dry. Dry the herbs in shade and in sun alternately for quick drying.

6.    Turn the leaves in between and make sure that every part of the leaf is dried uniformly. In 8 to 10 days the leaves will get dried properly.

7.    Now store the herbs in zip lock bags, glass containers or in any other container having tight lid. This will help you to preserve the flavor and aroma. You can use this later to make potpourri. While storing herbs label the containers to avoid confusion.

You can also make beautiful bouquet or wreaths with these herbs and can decorate your rooms. The refreshing smell of these herbs will spread through out your rooms and it gives a pleasant ambiance to your home.