Dressing on Casual Days

business-dress Many people around the world remain quite puzzled about the correct business dress codes that they should follow in their office. Every company follows a certain standard and has casual as well as business dress codes. You should make it a point to remember certain things while wearing business clothes. If you maintain a little caution, you will surely be able to blend style with your work wear. When you start working in a new office you should be careful about understanding the definition of the casual Friday dress code that is followed in your office. It can have different connotations for your boss, the company, and others in the office.

Office Rules

Some companies are quite liberal and do not have hard and fast dressing rules. They may allow people in office to wear jeans on Fridays. Now all offices are not as liberal as them. If you get the opportunity to wear jeans then you should avoid those, which come in very funky designs.

Play it Safe

A safe bet can be khakis or chino-style of pants. They will offer you the perfect casual look. Before the first day in your new office you should surely ask about the written policy for dress codes of your company. If you do this then you will surely understand the dos and don’ts of style and fashion in your office.

Follow the Company’s Policy

If you follow your company’s policy from day one then you will also be able to make an impression on your boss. In case you do not find any definite written policy regarding dress codes then you just need to look at the clothes that other employees in the office are wearing.

Grooming in Office

A very significant part of dressing even on casual days is grooming and you should always keep this in mind. In office people give a lot of preference to those who are attentive about their appearance. Therefore, you should always shave and comb your hair nicely.