Dressing for graduation

formal-wear One of the most important days in an individual’s life is their graduation. Whether it’s high school or college, graduating is always a special occasion. Wearing the cap and gown is not silly but a matter of immense pride and joy for both the graduate and the parents.

What are you wearing to graduation?” would be a stupid question, therefore. Of course, the cap and gown is the only attire. But underneath these symbolic robes, you need to be dressed appropriately. It would probably be improper to wear an old t-shirt and sweats just because the gown will cover it.

Weather wise
It is quite difficult to make an accurate prediction about it. It may rain heavily when you think the sun will shine all day and forecasts of thundershowers may well result in a bright and shiny day.

So the best option is to dress for all conditions. Light layers would be most appropriate. Wear a light dress with a sweater or jacket that you can take off or keep on depending on the weather.

Follow the rules
Graduation may seem like the best time to leave behind the stringent school rules, but refrain from ruining your own graduation day. If there is a dress code about what you need to wear underneath the cap and gown, adhere to it.

Dress the part
Graduation is a formal ceremony and not a party. Avoid dressing up too much with sequins, frills and bows. Floor-length evening gowns or cocktail dresses may probably be incongruous with the occasion.

Decent formal wear is the best option. Dressing too casually is an insult to the significance of the occasion. Your graduation day is not like any other day. It is an important milestone in your life.

Comfort first
Graduation ceremonies tend to be long and you’ll likely be on your feet most of the time. So make sure you’re dressed comfortably: avoid making a fashion faux pas. Leave the high heels at home and select a strong, comfy pair of shoes.

Graduate in style and stride out fashionably into a new phase of your life.