Dress like a bohemian: the bohemian style of clothing

bohemian-dressing Do you like to go off the beaten track when it comes to dressing up? Then the bohemian style is your best option to explore wild wear. With bohemians, there were no fixed codes about clothes. They were free spirits and their clothes reflected comfort and individuality.

To adopt the bohemian dressing style, you need to stay within the limits of attire and not cross over to funny costume. The outfit you assemble should reflect your individuality, look fashionable and be comfortable. Don’t overdo it with too many bohemian elements.

One in a million

Your bohemian look can make you stand out in the crowd if you pull it off appropriately and don’t end up looking like a clown. Search through antique and vintage stores for unique pieces of clothing and accessories. A beautiful tunic, ethnic scarf or funky trousers – anything that catches the eye should be the focus of your attire.

Extraordinary colors for your garments are also bohemian. Just ensure that you’re not decked from head to toe in multi-colored clothes. The effect can be quite unpleasant. Instead just choose one special piece of clothing and for the rest of the garments, k-i-s-s — keep it simple, stupid!

Casual and cool

Rigidity and stiffness are not part of the bohemian dictionary. You clothes should not make you feel like a doll set up for display. Be relaxed in what you wear. The bohemian look means long, flowing, loose clothes and easy-to-hop-skip-and-jump-in footwear.


Bracelets, earrings, bangles, chains and necklaces – wear either one or two or all of these items in varied colors and combinations. Beads and natural stones define the genuine bohemian fashion. Wood, feathers etc also form unique accessories and contribute to the bohemian look.

Shoes, bags and all that

Boots are ideal bohemian footwear along with flip-flops in colorful patterns and embellishments like beads etc. Purses and bags should be like the clothes: unique. For bohemian style colors, choose hues of orange, pink, purple, chocolate and green.

For a style that’s truly ‘you’, go bohemian!