Dress for a high school or college reunion

college reunion A college or high school reunion brings tidings of joy as well as anxiety. Meeting your old classmates with whom you survived your best and worst days is fun but also daunting. You look forward to meet them but also dread the silent judgments that people may pass on you. How can you dress for such an occasion?

This is a good time to wear the new dress you’ve been saving up for something special. But most importantly, wear your confidence high. The sparkle on this evening should come, not from outfits, but from your own person.

Keep in mind a few tips before getting your reunion wardrobe together.

Follow the rules
Back to school and back to rules! Some reunions may have a dress code depending on the theme of the evening. You may have rebelled against the rules as a youngster, but now is not the time to recall those days. Prove that you’ve become a responsible adult and stick to the prescribed dress code.

Comfort first
No matter how badly you want to impress the man who snubbed you back in the old days, avoid dressing up too much. If you’re not comfortable in high heels and a low-cut gown, don’t wear them. Your discomfort will show during the event and the impression you wanted to make will be lost as you limp with sore feet.

Bring out the beauty inside
Wear clothes that suit your personality and figure. Certain aspects that you may want to hide (like fat thighs or short legs) should be considered while selecting a dress.

Dressing for the occasion
Enquire about the events planned for the reunion. If there are a lot of activities, you’ll need to dress accordingly. Ensure that you’re well-groomed, with a neat hair cut and no body odor. Try and incorporate your school colors or emblem into your outfit in small ways.

Smile, laugh and have a good time at your reunion!