Drawer organization

drawer-organization Drawers are easily the messiest parts of a cupboard or table, because of their limited space and lack of compartments or shelves. People often tend to toss things into drawers and then spend hours rummaging when they need something. This loss of time can be prevented if one follows proper planning when it comes to managing and organizing drawers.

Clear thinking will enable you to assign specific functions to the various drawers in your house. These labels will help you to find what you need easily as you can simply check the required drawer. For example, if stationery supplies belong in one drawer and art supplies in another, then it becomes easier to find them in an emergency.

Remove the time
By just deciding to clean the drawers, one can’t expect them to organize themselves. Take out the time and patience to sit down for an hour and two to start and finish the job. This is important because if you abandon the task half way, your house will be in a bigger mess than before.

Tackle one drawer at a time rather than emptying out all the contents of every drawer in a heap on your living room floor. The process will immediately seem more intimidating and thus become difficult to achieve successfully.

The right tools
Purchase some drawer liners and small containers to hold the contents of your drawers. You can also use discarded boxes or tins at home for this purpose. Small items like pins, clips, rubber bands etc need to be kept together so that they don’t spread everywhere inside the drawer.

Divide and rule
The policy followed should be to divide all the contents into categories rather than mixing them up. You can thus find them more easily.

Everything in its place
If something should be in storage, keep it out of the drawer. Likewise, broken and irreparable objects should be thrown in the garbage. If you need to store them for sentimental purposes, assign a separate box and place for these ‘mementos.’

Be organized and save time.