Double the trouble: planning a double wedding

double-wedding ‘Made for each other’ takes on a whole new meaning when two couples decide to tie the knot together. Best friends, brothers, sisters or cousins can celebrate their close relationship by starting their new lives together on the same day, at the same time. Sounds romantic, doesn’t it?

Well, it’s not completely romantic. Organizing a double wedding can be fun and also a money-saver. But it can also cause quarrels and spoil relationships. Considering the number of decisions involved and the varied tastes of everyone included, conflict is inevitable.

Think carefully before deciding to share your wedding day with another couple. Do your tastes and interests match at least a little with that of your friend’s? What is the level of compatibility between the two brides and grooms? Is everyone involved, the bridal party included, okay with a double wedding?

If the answers to these are positive, then go ahead with the planning.

First and foremost

Make a list of the wedding details. Hold a group discussion and see what each person’s views are on the various aspects. A little similarity and also scope and willingness to compromise are needed. Otherwise, it would be best to abandon the idea at the onset.

For example, if one couple wants a beach wedding, but the other wants a home reception, you know there’ll be a problem.

Money issues need to be settled at the start. Draw up a budget and ensure equal contribution from both parties. Decide how the expenses and bills will be shared among the couples.

The details

In dresses and decorations tastes will vary. Try and ensure that the different elements complement each other to some extent. In the ceremony, a debate of ‘who goes first’ can be resolved based on age. If that doesn’t work, nothing like a coin toss to end the matter quickly!

Planning a double wedding will involve plenty of talking, meeting and discussing. If coordinating everyone’s time schedules is difficult, then hiring a wedding planner is the best option. All you need to do is turn up and say ‘I do!’