Don’t Bite Your Lips

42-16547692 Do you bite your lips when you are in stress? Many of us have this bad habit. Though you care for your lips and want them to look good, you forget it while biting them in tension. It is very difficult to get rid off a bad habit if you don’t will for it. Lip biting is a very bad practice as it makes your lip look dull and pale. Sometimes it can be dangerous if your lips start bleeding. The sooner you stop biting your lips the better for you. However, for that you have to be a little stronger in your decisions. Some tricky ways to get rid of lip biting are discussed below. These will surely help you. Check out the suggestions and stop biting your lips.

Lip balm: Use a lip that is very bad in taste. Apply that lip balm and see how magically you stop biting your lips. Whenever you unconsciously start biting your lips, the bad taste of the lip balm will force you to stop licking it. This is a very intelligent way to get rid of your lip biting habit.

Help of others: Ask your family members and friends to stop you every time they see you biting your lips. Also ask them to pinch you hard when you do this. When others scold you on your act, you become more conscious about the habit and this way you will gradually discontinue this bad habit.

Start taking care of your lips: Apply beauty products for your lips to soften them. Use colorful lipsticks. Lip biting may lead your lips to discoloration. Take it seriously and take immediate steps. Love your own lips and then only you will stop biting your lips on your own. You cannot continue a habit that harms your lips.