Doctor Fish Spa For Skin Care

fish-spa-for-skin-care We have always relied on the human hands for a rejuvenating spa treatment. In several parts of Asia, Europe and USA, fishes are assuming the role of expert pedicurists and masseurs. The doctor fish, as these species of fish are popularly known as loves to feed on the dry skin. Pedicures with doctor fish is believed to have originated in Turkey. The fish species known as Garra rufa and Cyprinion macrostomus, largely found in the rivers of Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria, function as doctor fish.  From the rivers of West Asia, the doctor fishes have traveled to the spas, where they swim and breed in the lavish resort pools.

Doctor fish pedicure
To have a doctor fish pedicure, you simply have to dip your feet in a fish tank. Replacing the razors used for scraping dead skins from your feet, tiny doctor fish will nibble the dry skins of your feet. The greatest advantage of employing fish pedicurists is that they will only feed on the dry skins, leaving your healthy skins unscathed. You can expect to have a refreshing pedicure within 30 minutes. It takes around $35 to $50 for a standard doctor fish pedicure.

Doctor fish spa
In USA, noted doctor fish pedicure services are available in Alexandria and Woodbridge in Virginia. Doctor fish spas are also available in China, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea and The Netherlands.

Doctor fish psoriasis treatment
Doctor fish not only acts as a pedicurist, but this tiny carp also functions as a dermatologist. In doctor fish spa in Kangal in Turkey, doctor fish, which is also known as Kangal fish, is used for healing psoriasis. Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition, characterized by dry, red and scaly patches on any part of the skin. People suffering from psoriasis should relax in the spa pool for about four hours, two times a day. For complete psoriasis cure, you need to undergo the treatment for 21 days. While the tiny fishes will feed on the dead skins of the areas of your body affected by psoriasis, the minerals present in the hot spring water of the spa will help to heal the lesions.


  • Anne-Marie Bellefroid

    In your article published on 18th August you mention that there is/are now spas available in the Netherlands with Dr Fish treatments. Could you please sent me the details -- THANK YOU!

  • Loozen Paul

    Dear Anne-Marie,

    I have a “sickness” called ichtyose which is a desquamation of the skin (presence of dead cells) on the body. I was wondering if fish treatment could be a therapy for me. Did you find any spas in Europe (but prerently in Belgium or in The Netherlands) or web site that I could contact for this; Thanks in advance for your help. Paul.