Do the polka-wearing polka dots

polka-dot-prints Polka dots may not be as popular as other prints like stripes because of the association of polka dots with clowns or kids. However, polka dots look cool and stylish depending on how they are worn. If you wear big multi-colored polka dots, you’re just asking for criticism.

Polka dot prints can be small and big or fat and thin; select the ones you feel most comfortable wearing. In addition, polka dots come in various colors. You can opt for the subtle black and white or go for bright colors like pink, red and blue. Remember that excess of anything is bad; and this rule holds true even for polka dots.

Big, not bright
If large round polka dots on a dress or blouse appeal to your style sense, then choose the right colors for them. Bright colors might give outfits with these round prints a clownish look.

Select soft, muted colors on a background of the same color. White, cream, pale gray etc are good shades to begin with.

Small and subtle
Some like to wear polka dots but don’t want their outfit to be bright and gaudy. In this case, the tiny version of the polka dot print is the best choice. The lighter shades are more suitable for simplicity.

Pair a tiny polka-dotted print with a dark color so that the pattern is not the emphasis of the outfit. Simple and classic cuts on the dress or top would de-emphasize the polka dots.

Mix and match
Polka dots can be combined with different patterns and fabrics; or they can be worn with solid colors. A polka-dotted skirt can be paired with a plain top or vice versa. This is the best way to minimize the effect of polka dots on your attire.

Polka accessories
The thought of donning a polka-dot costume might still be too much for some people. The solution here is to introduce polka dots in your accessories. Handbags, scarves etc look great in polka dots. Match their colors with those on your outfit.

Know your polka-dot prints and wear them right.