Do it yourself – Wedding Centerpieces

What wouldn’t one do to save money? Especially when it comes to the substantial amounts spent on a wedding, cutting costs is of great help. How wonderful if you could save money without compromising on your beautiful wedding reception! One way to do this is to make the centerpieces yourself.Do-it-yourself tasks are fun; but avoid taking the phrase too literally. You can’t do everything yourself. Enlist the help of friends and family to help you in the creation of the centerpieces. Ensure that they have at least some creative skills – after all, the centerpieces made will be on display at your wedding.

Remember that if you have decided to make the centerpieces, you’ll need plenty of time to create a gorgeous centerpiece. Even if you are the world’s second best craftsperson, you should start working on the centerpieces weeks before the wedding.

DIY: Aquatic attractions
If you are having a beach theme wedding or if you like the sea, include the beauty of the marine world in your reception. For the centerpieces, use sand, shells, water and tiny ship or boat models instead of flowers.

Fill clean sand collected from the beach in a bowl. Arrange the shells around the bowl and in the sand. Alternatively, you can fill the bowl with water and let the shells float in it. Buy tiny toy ships and boats made of wood or plastic and place them in a deep dish of water; dye the water blue to make it more colorful.

DIY: Fruity delights
Plastic or real fruits can be put to great use as centerpieces. Fill a bowl with oranges, lemons, grapes and other bright-colored fruits. Add leaves at the side and a single flower in the center to complete your unique centerpiece.

You can also cut slices of lemon and float them in a bowl of water. Add flower petals along with the lemon. Before filling the bowl with water, place tiny colorful pebbles at the bottom.

Glow with pride and joy at your wedding as guests admire your stunning centerpieces.