Dinner Rolls

Dinner Rolls

Dinner roll made out of multi grain is considered to be a healthy choice as far as food is concerned. If you can use whole grains instead of refines grains then it will be better, as refined grains would have lost most of their nutrients in the process of refining. Here is a recipe that helps you to include multi grains in your diet.


Whole wheat flour – three cups
Old fashioned oats – 13 cup
Cornmeal – 13 cup
Wheat bran – 13 cup
Golden brown sugar – two and a half tablespoon
Dry yeast – two teaspoon
Coarse kosher salt – one and a half teaspoon
Water – one cup
Buttermilk – half cup
Vegetable oil – one tablespoon
Agave syrup or honey – one tablespoon
Egg – one
Poppy seeds – little

Tips to Make Multi Grain Dinner Rolls

Take a large bowl of a heavy duty stand mixer that has paddle attachment. To this add three cups of flour, oats, cornmeal, wheat barn, golden brown sugar, dry yeast and coarse kosher salt. Now take one cup of water in a sauce pan and to this add half cup of buttermilk. Bring them about to boil and then add this mixture to the flour mixture along with one tablespoon vegetable oil and honey. Now mix the entire contents by running the mixer at low speed till it makes coarse ball like dough. It may take almost two minutes. Keep the dough with in the bowl itself for another five minutes and substitute the paddle attachment with dough hook on the mixer. Now mix the flour at medium speed to make the dough elastic, smooth and tacky. You can also add more flour to get this consistency.

Get a large bowl and spread oil on it and make a ball out of the dough and keep it on the bowl with a light coating of oil on the dough. Wrap the bowl with a plastic cover and keep it in refrigerator for the entire night and the dough will rise slowly. Take the bowl out of the refrigerator and keep at room temperature for two hours so that the dough will rise.

Take a baking sheet and spray it with vegetable oil and spread a thin layer of flour on top of it. Divide the dough in to eighteen small balls and again spray oil on the balls. Place plastic sheet on top of the balls and keep it for one more hour.

Beat one large egg with two tablespoon of water and brush this mixture on the balls for glaze. Then sprinkle poppy seeds on top of each ball and bake it for 22 minutes. Then allow the balls to cool completely. Your rolls are now ready and you can now wrap the balls in foil and store in air tight plastic containers.