Dinner party at the restaurant

dinner-party-at-the-restaurant Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you didn’t have to cook, clean and clear up when hosting a dinner party? It’s possible if you decide to have your dinner party at a restaurant. Not only do you get good food and service but also more relaxation and peace of mind.

But of course, even in this kind of party you can’t leave everything up to the restaurant. A little planning and preparation is needed to ensure a happy and delicious dinner party. Read on to discover few steps toward throwing a restaurant dinner party.

What’s your party?
Firstly, you need to sit down and make a list about your requirements for this party. If it’s a birthday, anniversary or graduation dinner, you’ll need a cake, champagne, decorations and flowers to create a celebratory mood.

Depending on your needs, select an appropriate restaurant using a restaurant guide. Or if you’re a gourmet and have already tried and tested every place serving food, so much the better. However, keep in mind the general taste of the guests at your party.

Who’s at your party?
Next, you need to determine the number of people in your party. Once you have selected your restaurant and made reservations, they need to be informed about the size of the crowd to be served. The menu and serving staff need to be prepared accordingly.

Restaurant money
Consider the cost of the dinner party based on the menu prices. Also take into account extra charges if you need special linen to match the theme of your party.

The dinner
You can pre select the food if you know the tastes of your guests. Or you can provide menus to everyone and let them order what they would like at the start of the party. This might be the safer option but some guests might find it tedious.

It would be best to select a menu that has a variety of options. Cover vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, and light, healthy food for those on diet.

Finally, sit back with a drink in your hand, relax and enjoy your fabulous restaurant dinner party.