Dining Room Decor

dining-room-decor To keep our body healthy, we eat healthy meals. Besides paying attention to our food and drinks, we should also be careful about the ambiance of the place where we have our meal. A well-designed dining room can have a healthy impact on our mind. Researches all over the world have confirmed that the state of our mind immensely affects our physical health. Therefore, we should decorate our dining rooms with care.

Dining table
A dinning table is the central unit of a dining room. You should choose a dining table according to the shape and size of your dinning room. If you have a small dining space, you can opt for an oval or circular dining table.

This will help you to move around the room, even when people are occupying the chairs around the table. Rectangular dining table is suitable for larger dining areas.

Other furniture
If you have a big dining area, you can place cabinets. Arrange your fine crockery on the shelves. Sometimes, the refrigerator is placed in the dinning room. However, while adding additional furniture in your dining room, make sure that they do not obstruct free movement around the room.

The lighting installed in the room should be commensurate with the mood of the room. The light should be neither too harsh nor too dim. There should be enough light in the room for people to see the foods as well as the people sitting around the table. You can hang a chandelier on top of the table. You can also install wall scones.

The floor of your dining should be easy to clean. Ceramic and stone are preferred materials for dining room flooring. It is advisable not to keep a rug in the dining room. Stain marks on rugs, from food spills, might be difficult to remove. Further placing a rug makes it difficult to slide the chairs.

Feng Shui for dining room
If you believe that the yin and yang can help in your digestion, you can follow some simple Feng Shui tips for decorating your dining room. The entrance of your house should not be visible from your dining room. You can place a curtain or a screen to hide the view of the front door of your house from the dining room. No other furniture or accessory, other than the dining table, should be the center of attraction of the room.


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