Dim Sum: Pork Dim Sum Recipe

Dim Sum is a generic term used for describing Chinese appetizers. The delectable snacks served with a cup of tea are a part of Chinese tradition. The teahouses in China are noted for their delicious dim sum dishes. Here is simple pork dim sum recipe that you can try at home.

Pork Dim Sum

Pork Dim Sum is a popular dish during the Chinese New Year celebration. According to traditional Chinese belief, by eating this dim sum dish you will get money and good fortune.


Ten ounces of pork, coarsely ground
Two scallions
Half a pound of shelled, deveined and finely sliced shrimp
Eight to ten black mushrooms
One ounce of bamboo shoots, finely chopped
Two tablespoons of oyster sauce
One teaspoon of sesame oil
One tablespoon of vegetable oil
Two tablespoons of cornstarch or flour
One tablespoon of light soy sauce
One egg
One teaspoon of sugar
One teaspoon of ground black or white pepper
Salt as desired
Wonton wrappers

Method of preparation

For at least thirty minutes, soak the mushrooms in hot water. Then rinse and dry the mushroom, remove the stem and slice the cap. Chop the scallions and beat the egg. In a large bowl, add the ground pork, scallions, shrimp, mushroom, bamboo shoots and egg and mix them well. Now add the sesame oil, soy sauce, oyster sauce, vegetable oil, salt, pepper and cornstarch and blend the ingredients. Refrigerate this mixture for at least four hours.

After removing the mixture from the refrigerator, take a wonton wrapper and place about a tablespoon of the mixture at the centre of the wrapper. Keeping the mixture at the centre, bring the sides of the wrapper together at the centre in the shape of a basket. In this manner, make several dumplings. Place a damp cloth on a steamer and arrange the dumplings on the cloth. Cover the steamer and steam for about five to seven minutes or until the dumpling is cooked. Serve hot pork dim sum with a cup of warm green tea.

Instead of pork, you can use chicken or beef for making this dish. Vegetarians can make vegetable dim sum dish by replacing the meat and seafood with vegetables such as carrots, beans and cabbage.