Digestion and Immunity

Digestion and Immunity Digestion and Immunity

Digestion plays an important role in maintaining immunity. This is because it is the immunity system in the gastro intestinal tract that decides whether to reject or accept the things that we eat. Unknowingly we might be taking a lot of toxic substances in our daily diet and the immune system distinguish the beneficial and dangerous substances and attacks the dangerous ones and thus discards them out of our body.

Immune system of Gastro Intestinal Tract

Gastro intestinal tract’s immune system consists of mainly the beneficial bacteria that live in the intestine. It also includes antibodies, white blood cells, immune proteins etc. immune system of the gastro intestinal tract protects the intestine’s lining from the invading pathogenic viruses, bacteria and from other microorganisms as well as the harmful substances produced by them. The beneficial bacteria present in the intestine helps to attack and break down many of the dangerous substances that enter in to the intestine and thus protect us from their harmful effects. It also fortifies the integrity of the intestinal lining and prohibits the chronic inflammation.

Substance that Improves the Immune system of the Gastro Intestinal Tract

Pro biotic Supplements

Pro biotic supplements are found to contain bifidobacterium, different types of lactobacillus and other bacterial species that are beneficial. It is also reported to have a substance named fructo-oligosaccharides which in turn is considered to be a good source of fuel to these beneficial organisms. Pro biotic supplements thus serve as the food for the pro biotic bacteria inside the intestine. Natural foods that are rich in pro biotic supplements are onion, whole grains, garlic, banana, artichoke, leek, honey etc.

Vegetables and Fruits

Most of the raw vegetables and fruits contains fibers and enzymes that enrich the beneficial organism in our intestine and thus fortifies our immunity. Some of the beneficial vegetables and fruits include garlic, ginger, parsley, chlorella, spirulina etc. Parsley which serves as a multi vitamin is highly beneficial. It eliminates the dangerous microorganism from our body as it has good anti-fungal and anti-bacterial property. Foods that are rich in vitamin A and zinc are also found to replenish the intestinal lining. Protein powder supplements like pea protein, soy, rice, hemp etc also increases the immunity power.

Take foods that support your immune system and thus make yourself devoid of diseases.


  • I totally agree with your comments on diet and eating healthily. In addition, I feel that we should always consume fresh food as soon as possible after it is harvested, before it starts losing its vitamin and mineral content.
    Does anyone else agree?