Different Ways to Store your Files on the Web

windows-live-sky-drive Internet has always been great for email, entertainment or for online shopping purposes, but many of us are not aware that this technology is well suited for our virtual file keeping as well. You can store any type of digital documents like data files, music files, photos, videos, email etc and that too also for free. The main benefit of this system is that you don’t have to stick to a single computer to browse your files. You can edit your files form any part of the world where there is an internet connection. There are two types of online storage system, one is for sharing and storage and the other is for data backups.

Recently Microsoft has launched Sky drive, which is a free 5 GB storage system for file and folders on the web. You have to log in with your existing messenger password or create a new account for it. Once you are logged in you will see three types of storage there. One is for personal use, another sharing, to be used by your friends and the last one is public, which can be accessed by anyone. The interface is very simple and users can drag and drop their files on the folders. To retrieve a file you have to just click on the file. You have to install Active X features to enables you to use the drag and drop feature. One more thing that can be accessed with sky drive is that you can watch the live media form your ID.

Another site that is used for this virtual file system is Media Fire. This is a free unlimited storage system that been very popular over the years. You can store files in this site without registering, but it is recommended to register for a free account so that in future you won’t have any problem of deleting cookies and stop accessing the site.