Different Postures for Breast-Feeding

breast-feeding1 Different Postures for Breast-Feeding

Breastfeeding makes your baby healthy and give him strength to fight against the diseases and infection. For feeding your baby you must find a position comfortable for both. Otherwise the baby won’t suck properly and it will affect the baby’s health and it may also create engorgement, sore nipple and infections in your breast. Here are some tips that help you to feed your baby properly.

Breast Feeding Positions

For feeding your baby first of all you need to find a place devoid of all distractions. Also gather everything that is necessary like water, cushions for supporting the baby and also for supporting your back etc. your mobile.

Side Lying Position

Lie down on your side and lie your baby on its side so that both of you are parallel and is in face to face position. Baby’s head will be facing your breast and hold your breast with the hand opposite to the breast and position it for your baby. While feeding make sure that the nose of your baby is not closed.

Use some pillows to support your back and support your head with the elbow. This positioning will be ideal for women who had caesarean.

Cradle Position

Sit down in an erect position and use pillows to support your back. Now place your baby in your lap with its head resting on the bend of your arm and nearer to the breast for feeding. Use pillows to support the baby’s weight and this will also help you to get the baby closer towards the breast. Now your baby’s chest will be against your chest and you can feed the baby by holding the breast with the other hand.

Cross Cradle Position

Hold your baby with the hand opposite to the breast you are planning to feed. Instead of supporting the baby’s head in the bend of the arm here you will be holding the head and neck of your baby with your hand and this gives you more control while feeding. Hold the breast using the hand on the same side of the breast. You can use pillows for supporting the baby’s weight.

Football Hold Position

This position will be similar to tying your baby under your arms with the baby’s feet extending across your body. Support the baby’s head and shoulders with your hand on the same side of the feeding breast. This position is ideal if you have to feed two babies at a time.