Different interests: happy relationships when opposites attract

couple-opposite1 Very few couples are actually ‘made for each other’. Most of the time, you have to make a relationship work. This is especially true when people are different, that is, when opposites attract.

Consider the various scenarios. Your partner is a die-hard fan of action movies whereas you like old classics. You feel strongly about certain social and political issues, whereas he couldn’t care less about them. The list is endless.

In such relationships, frequent debates and arguments are not uncommon. What may start as friendly fight-and-make-up sessions, however, can later become a serious problem. At one point, the differences may increase and love and attraction can decrease.

Avoid heading down the road of separation and learn how to make a relationship work when you and your partner are two opposites in love.

Focus on the good, not the bad

Concentrate on what you like about the person. Maybe they don’t like your kind of music, so what? Their musical interests were not the reason you fell in love with them.

We love people for who they are and not what we want them to be. What attracts us to them is perhaps a quality we ourselves may not possess. It’s a difference, yes, but isn’t that why you love them? Don’t let the opposite become stronger than the attraction.

Appreciate and compromise

Remember this is not an opposing team in a debate. It’s the love of your life. If you disagree with them, don’t attack them for their opinions. Learn to appreciate their point of view.

In matters where decisions and choices need to be made, learn how to compromise. It can save your relationship. This is not the time to be stubborn.

Love, not war

Keep love in sight at all times. No matter what the differences, whether trivial or major, remember how much you love each other. It’s not everyday that you find true love, so when you do have it, hold on to it. Don’t let different interests ruin your relationship.

Prevent your love boat from drowning during stormy weather!