Different Designs for “In ground Swimming Pools”

in-ground-swimming-pools In ground Swimming Pools

A swimming pool in your garden will add aesthetics value to your home and is good place to relax after a day’s hectic work. Now a day it becomes a trend to built a pool at home. There are different types of pools that are meant for different purposes. Before constructing the pool you need to decide the location of the pool and how large it should be. If you have kids or other family members who don’t know swimming then you must have a shallow area in your pool. You must decide what you are going to do in the pool like kids play area, for doing exercise, taking laps, diving, sports practice etc and then construct the pool accordingly.

Types of In ground Pool

Freeform Pool

An imitation of natural lagoon or small oasis is called a free form pool. In order to give natural appearance, this type of pool will have water falls, rocks and even a sloped beach like entry to the pool.You can make this pool in any natural mismatched shape with out any straight lines and hard angles. Based on the size of the pool you can include almost all facilities with in this pool. This type of pools is mainly made for relaxing.

Diving Pool

Diving pools are one among the deepest pools and it must have a depth of six to eight and a half feet. There must be arrangements for practicing like the diving boards or platforms. As the diving pools are associated with dangers you must construct them as per the rules and regulations for diving pools.

Lap Pool

Lap pools are constructed for doing exercise to maintain the health and fitness. For taking the laps conveniently the lap pools are constructed narrow and long.  Normally lap pools are of fifty feet in length.

Play Pool

Play pools can be constructed in any shape and it must be shallow with a depth of about five feet. It’s an ideal place for relaxing, and playing games like water polo, water sports, volley ball etc. You can also take laps in this pool. .

Geometric Pool

Geometric pools are made with distinct angles, consistent radius and straight lines. It will give  formal look with good symmetry. Usually it is built in rectangular shape. It will be an ideal place for swimming laps and water recreations.


Spool is an assembly of pool and spa. Rather than being a small pool it is a large spa where people can have therapeutic relief and relaxation. If you have only limited space then the best option will be a spool. It can be 12 to 14 feet squared area.

Negative Edge Pool

Negative edge pool is the so called infinity edge pool or the infinity swimming pool. It produces an illusion that the pool has no edges and the water spreads up to the horizon. This type of pools shows good reflectivity.

Perimeter Over Flow Pool

Here the level of water in the pool will be equal to that of the surrounding area and the pool’s entire perimeter will be encircled by a notch or a channel. Any disturbance on the water will spill water in to this notch and this gives an excellent visual impression. This type of pools represents a beautiful mirror on the floor.