Diet to be Followed While Suffering from Jaundice

Diet for Jaundice Diet to be Followed While Suffering from Jaundice

Jaundice is the inflammation of liver. Liver produces an enzyme called bile which in turn helps you to digest food especially fatty foods. When liver can’t function properly because of jaundice then the secretion of bile pigments also gets reduced and makes it difficult to digest the food. So while if you are suffering from jaundice you must take food that can be digested easily.

Food that can be Consumed by a Jaundice Patient


Fruits are good during this period and you can adopt a whole fruit diet. You can take three meals of fresh fruits per day. Fruits like grapes, oranges, lemon, pears, sugarcane, apple, pineapple etc can be taken. It will be good to avoid bananas as it will be difficult to get digest. Take as much as sugar cane juice as it has good healing properties. Sugarcane may also improve your health and also the functioning of your liver.


Like fruits, vegetables are also ideal during this period. You can take either raw vegetables or plain boiled vegetables. For taste you can add very little salt, lime juice and pepper in to these boiled vegetables and can have it daily. Vegetables like pumpkin, carrot, squash, beets, cucumber, beans etc. Radish juice is also good recommendation for jaundice patients. Try to avoid tomatoes and potatoes as they may cause indigestion problems.

Fenugreek Seeds

Make decoctions out of fenugreek seeds and take this on a daily basis.


Cereals like rice and whole wheat grains are also found to be good for jaundice patients. Curd rice is a good recommendation. Wheat grass juice is also a good recommendation for jaundice affected people for their breakfast.

Food to be Avoided by Jaundice Patient

At the time of jaundice you must avoid fatty foods, processed foods and butter. You have to avoid the white bread too however you can take whole wheat bread but only in minimal quantity. Avoid high calorie diary products, alcohol and red meat has to be avoided.

Take plenty of water and rest along with light diet during this period and this may help you to get rid of the disease easily and to avoid complications.