Diet tips for children’s mental health

breakfast for child A healthy diet not only helps in proper growth of a child but also increases the mental capabilities. If some simple food habits are carried out then it will boost the child’s health both physically and mentally. Here are some tips that you should follow to have a well established child’s diet. In fact a healthy breakfast is the main catalyst for building a healthy mind.

According to a new research, it has been found that if you give a piece of apple or a glass of hot milk to the child at the breakfast, they will be protected form depression, anxiety and disobedience. The Telethon Institute for Child Health Research , which is located in Perth has found that if a complex breakfast is given to a child then they will be mentally strong than other children.

Mental condition of a child depends on a variety of factors, according to research; various types of nutrients are responsible for building a strong mental health. Milk and cereal supply calcium, iron and vitamin B to the brain, which helps neurotransmitters and chemicals to directly get absorbed in the nervous system of the brain that develops the behavior and mood in the children. About 800 children have been experimented with the healthy diet and it has been found that children who ate cereals, fruit, vegetables, dairy products, meats, beans, nuts, eggs etc scored much better in the psychometric tests compared to others who just ate simple food in the breakfast

One simple diet through which a child gets lots of vitamin and minerals is by giving a banana with the cereals every morning in the breakfast. Indeed these are much simple ways to make a child healthy not only physically but also mentally. Follow these simple diets and watch the difference in your child.