Diet that may be Followed During Dysentery

During Dysentery Diet that may be Followed During Dysentery

Dysentery is a condition that develops due to the infection of the intestine accompanied with diarrhea. Hence the treatment of dysentery must aim at eliminating the toxic substances and infection from the intestine. This will help in reducing the pain in the abdomen and also gives you relief from ulcers. The diet during this period must be enough to give you physical strength and fortify your resistance power against the disease.


While suffering from dysentery you must avoid solid foods and take diet that includes only butter milk, water or orange juice. Buttermilk mixed with turmeric powder will help you to build beneficial microorganism in your intestine. Once the acute symptoms of acute dysentery subside then you can introduce solid foods gradually. Fruits and vegetables having cleansing and detoxifying powers are the best to have first.

Bael Fruit

Bael fruit is found to the best to cure dysentery. It is rich in riboflavin and the half ripe fruit can cure diarrhea and dysentery while providing energy to the affected person. Take the pulp of this fruit which should be mixed with little jaggery and consumed three times a day. For chronic dysentery roast this fruit in fire and mix the pulp with warm water. Or mix the pulp of unripe fruit with equal amount of dry ginger and mix them in butter milk and take it.


Take as much carrot juice as you can because it helps to control dysentery. It also helps you to maintain the fluid level of the body and provides you with enough energy.

Lemon Juice

Make lemon juice in warm water and add a little salt to this. This lemon juice will give you sufficient energy and at the same helps you to get rid of the dysentery.


Once the symptoms subside then you can take rice along with buttermilk or curd.

Then you can also take bananas, steamed vegetables, wheat tortilla and vegetable soup. Pomegranate is also an ideal fruit while having dysentery. Take care to avoid tea, refined food, coffee, alcohol, white sugar, white flour and fried food.