Diabetes Exercise

Diabetes Exercise

Diabetes in a condition in which the level of sugar in your blood increases and is also associated with certain metabolic disorders like frequent urination, thirst etc.

Living with diabetes is difficult as you must be very conscious about what you eat and need to check your blood sugar frequently. The people who have diabetes need physical activity to maintain a healthy living.

Benefits of Exercise

Exercise helps you to burn extra calories and thus helps to maintain your health. Exercise may help you to lower your blood sugar levels and it may aid in reducing the dose of medications and at times aids in avoiding the medications. Exercise also improves the blood circulation and oxygenates the tissues in legs and arms where diabetic patient may always have problems.


Before starting your exercise plan consult your doctor first and he may help you according to your needs. You can start with low impact exercise like swimming, walking, cycling etc and then slowly increase the time of your exercise. While exercising wear the perfect foot wear and remember to use socks and avoid the chances for getting blisters. Practice stretch exercises just before and after working out. This may help you to warm up your body.


Walking is considered as a good exercise for the cardiovascular system and for the whole body. You can walk around your building or on a treadmill. For the best results  brisk walking is recommended.


If you can swim in water by taking laps for about thirty minutes then it will help you to burn a good amount of calories. You can also practice water aerobics.


Aerobics are of different level and for a diabetic patient a low impact aerobic type is ideal. You can practice beginner aerobic workouts or dance aerobics.


Yoga is a good exercise that includes stretching and relaxation.

If your body is producing any warning signs while exercising then immediately stop exercising. If you have shortness of breath, chest pain, dizziness, black halo around objects, pain in lower extremities, profuse sweating then stop exercising. Do exercise with in your limits.