Detecting Hearing Loss in Babies

hearing-loss-in-babies Soon after birth, most babies are able to detect sounds. As children grow up hearing different sounds, they try to imitate them and in the process, they learn how to speak. Unfortunately, some children are born deaf. Unlike other healthy children, they can not hear any sound and therefore can hardly communicate with others. Besides difficulty in hearing, inability to speak, which is the obvious outcome of their hearing impairment, is another problem of these children.

Children who are born with hearing difficulties are taught to speak through different procedures. To enable a child born with hearing impairment to learn languages speedily, it is imperative to detect his/her deafness as early as possible. Parents should monitor the habits of their children to detect any possibility of hearing loss.

Recognizing hearing loss
Parents and other family members are always the first persons to detect hearing loss in children. To check whether your baby has any problem in hearing, check whether your child responds to a loud sound. By the time your baby is three months old, he/she will react to different sounds. Within the first year, he will start making different sounds. After two years of age, your child will start saying simple words. If your child suffers from hearing loss, he/she will not react to sounds and will not imitate the sounds. If you suspect that your child has some hearing difficulty, immediately visit your pediatrician.

Screening hearing loss
Your pediatrician will refer your child to an audiologist, who will confirm the extent of hearing difficulty in your baby. To help your child to overcome hearing difficulties as early as possible, it is advisable to have his/her hearing screened when he is three months old. Some hospitals also have facilities for screening hearing of one-month-old babies. Depending on the type of hearing loss, diagnosed through the screening process, hearing devices could be recommended for your baby. It is not unusual for a six-month-old baby to have a hearing device implanted in his ears. Sometimes surgeries can also help your child to hear.

Preventing hearing loss
Sometimes certain illnesses, such as mumps, can cause hearing loss in infants. To save your child from hearing loss, remember to immunize him/her against common childhood diseases.