Depression Exercise

Most of the people experience some kind of depression at any point of their life. If you are ready to do exercise then exercise can help you to a great extend in improving your mood. Exercise helps you to feel calm and relaxed. Exercise not only helps you to improve your physical appearance but also helps you to manage your mood. Hence exercise is considered as a natural remedy for relieving the stress and depression.

How Exercise Improves Your Mood

When you exercise, your brain releases certain chemicals that makes you feel good. The chemicals include endorphins, serotonin, adrenalin, dopamine etc. It may also reduces certain immune system chemicals that may make your depression worse. Exercise will decrease the level of stress hormone called cortisol. Exercise may also increase your body temperature which in turn helps you to calm down. More over exercise helps you to get a feeling of achievement. It also helps your muscles to get relaxed deeper and thus ease your strain and tension.

Exercise helps you to attain confidence when you meet the challenges in each exercise. Attaining good body shape may also build up your confidence level. Exercise helps you to distract your mind from the worries of life and takes you towards positive thoughts.

Types of Exercise for Relieving Depression

Cardiovascular Exercise

Practice any exercise that increases your heart pumping rate. This is because intense exercises help you to release endorphins, serotonin etc. playing basket ball, lifting weights, running etc will improve your mood. Aerobics is also a good work out that helps you to get relief from the negative thoughts.


Yoga is another exercise that consists of numerous breathing, stretching and relaxing movements that aims to release various negative emotions from the body.


If you can do thirty minutes exercise daily then five such exercise may help you to attain good mood. If you are feeling too bad then an exercise of 15 minutes can help to change your mood. If you can do vigorous exercises like running, cycling etc then it will help you to improve your mood in less time.

Find out the exercise that you like most and precise this with out any hard and fast rules. This may help you to get motivated.