Decorative mantels

decorative-mantels A fireplace is more than just a device to keep your family warm; or travel from one place to another as in Harry Potter’s world. The fireplace is the center piece of your house; its mantel offers infinite possibilities for decoration. Don’t let it gather dust and grime. Keep it clean and beautiful by decorating it in the best way possible.

Initial steps
Before you start putting together the artwork and placing it on the mantel, a few measures need to be taken. For instance, ensure that the mantel is clean and free of dust. No amount of decoration would make it look good if it is dirty. Regular cleaning is needed even after you have decorated.

Place a clean cloth over the mantel as a base for your décor. This is optional; you can choose to place the items directly on the fireplace frame.

For the theme
A theme brings unity to the mantel décor. Of course, if your theme is ‘chaos’ then a mish-mash of objects is just what you need. Other themes could include holiday tidings, seasonal décor, special occasions, hobbies etc.

In symmetry
A large life-size portrait is not fit for mantel décor unless you have a gigantic fireplace. All items placed on the mantel need to be proportionate to the size of the fireplace. They shouldn’t be too big or too small.

Selecting the décor
Family photographs, figurines, candles, pictures etc are popular items for decorating a fireplace mantel. Keep the photographs as a focal point for this décor. Put them in attractive frames; either make your own frames or embellish plain ones with some glitter.

Mantels are good canvases to display your own original artwork and those gifted by others. Souvenirs can also be put on the mantel and serve as a conversation piece when guests come over to the house.

If handicraft is your forte, then let it show through the mantel. If you make candles, place them at each end of the mantel, or in the centre.

Put on the thinking cap and let the ideas flow.