Decorating a study

study-decoration A study is more than just a room to study, read and write that is cramped with books and papers. It can be a reflection of you as an individual. Contrary to popular depiction, a study isn’t all about wood and leather. It may look impressive but you need to be comfortable with it.

Determine a look and feel that you would enjoy in the room and then proceed with the study room decoration ideas.

A room of your own

A study can be a separate room in the house if you have a spare room or want to convert an existing one. Or you can also use a particular place in the house as a study area. This should preferably be a secluded space so that you get the peace and relaxation you’re looking for.

Your time and needs

Once you have a fixed place in mind, decide on the uses of the room. It can be a library and reading room, in case of which you need to fill it with books, lamps and comfortable chairs. Or it can be a place where you work but also need to relax in occasionally.

The study can have multiple purposes depending on your needs. The uses of the room will determine the design and the furnishings.

What a feeling!

The study needs to have a cozy, inviting feel to it. Your study is a retreat from the outer world of constant demands and pressures. It’s a place where you can get lost in your reading or your work or even your thoughts.

The works

The desk in the study can be big or small, depending on whether you want to work or write something occasionally. Good lighting is necessary for comfortable reading. Rugs, carpets, pillows contribute to the coziness of the atmosphere.

Avoid cluttering the room with too many knick-knacks; you can, however, keep favorite pictures and paintings. A small refrigerator is ideal for snacks and drinks so you don’t have to leave your hideout when you feel hungry.

Spend some quality time in your retreat room.