Decorating a game room

game-room Playing games is not just an entertaining activity; it’s an art. Bringing this art into your home is one more way to ensure that leisure time actually provides leisure. Watching television and listening to music are passive pastimes, but a game room provides active amusement for all members of the family.

Instead of just storing games in your game room, decorate it to reflect the theme and function of the room. The atmosphere should be vibrant and lively, inducing everyone who enters to try a game or two.

The look and feel
First of all, to start decorating you need games in the room. If you have large equipment like arcade games, ping pong table and billiards table, a lot of space is already utilized. In such a room, the décor should not give the room a crowded feel.

If there are majority of board games, then the décor needs to reflect the mood of the games. Monopoly and chess require more thought than action, therefore the surroundings should induce calm and reflection.
Some games require the players to stand all the time, but there are others like card games, in which the participants sit and play. Therefore, ensure that the room has enough chairs and tables for the players and the equipment.

Certain objects needed to play games and keep score like pens, paper, markers, boards etc should also be kept handy in the room. Ensure that there’s enough storage space to keep game CDs and equipment so that they do not get misplaced.
Let the game room reflect your tastes and interests. Hang posters of sports stars, movies, actors, singers etc. Keep vintage toys and signs on display, reviving an older era. If possible, you can also purchase an old-fashioned jukebox to play interesting tunes.
Decorate your game room with fun and bright colors to make your time spent there truly enjoyable.