Decorate your bedroom in a rainbow color theme

rainbow-theme-bed The rainbow is a beautiful phenomenon observed in the skies usually when it rains and even otherwise. Beholding the spectacular sight of a colorful rainbow is always a visual treat. Bring this beauty into your home by decorating your bedroom in a rainbow color theme.

A rainbow mural or wall paper in your bedroom is one way to apply the rainbow theme. Or you can use décor that reflects the colors of the rainbow. However, your room should not look so dark or bright that it produces a gaudy and unpleasant effect. Mix and match in the right way to create a pleasant effect.


Just like when you use makeup, start with a plain foundation. The walls should be painted in a light color like yellow, light green or sky blue. If you want to use two colors, paint one wall a different color than the rest. Make sure that these two complement each other well.

Wall decor can include artwork in different colors. Arrange these in an arch to produce a rainbow-like effect. You can also paint an actual rainbow on the wall, although this would be more suitable in a child’s bedroom.

Natural color

A true way to introduce rainbow color in your room would be to have plants. The green plants will create a pleasant environment in the room and enhance your rainbow theme decor. Artificial or real flowers in orange, red and violet shades further contribute to the “rainbow” in your room.


Paint your furniture in colors of the rainbow to stand out against the pale walls. Chairs and tables are available in various colors. Select those which will heighten the effect of your rainbow theme.

For the bed, a quilt made from cloths of various hues will add color to the room. You can buy pillows and cushions in the rainbow colors or make new covers for existing ones. Select one color for the bed like red and put up curtains of the same hue for the windows.

With rainbow décor, you can see a rainbow in your own room all year around!