Decor in green

decor-in-green Green – the color of nature – soothes the mind and is restful. Being surrounded by this color at all times is like living in the woods, together with the natural elements. Decorating with green will ensure that you are enveloped in this feeling in your own home.

Green has various shades and you can use the ones that please your eye the most. If you can’t decide, mix and match the varied hues to create a perfect harmony. Whether it’s pale green, olive, dark green, sea blue-green or any other shade, each one can enhance the beauty of your home when used correctly.

Subtle green in décor
A burst of green may seem too overwhelming to some in their home. Therefore experimentation with green décor is possible in small ways. Start with pale green lamps, vases, cushions, wall hangings, rugs etc. Place these in contrast with other colors so the green is emphasized.

A lot like green
Green is your favorite color and you want a splash of green in every corner of your room. There’s no harm in that. Remember to create a natural and flowing harmony by using the correct shades of green. Place these colors in contrast with each other.

A pale green wall can be complemented with slightly richer curtains and drapes. Beds and sofas can have green covers and spreads. Create a layered look with different patterns and materials. Just so the eye doesn’t tire of the same color, add white and yellow – lemon or ochre – in certain places.

Nature’s bounty
Plants add a breath of freshness to any room. Plants and flowers brighten up your living place with their beauty. A potted plant makes a wonderful addition to your décor.

Green and yellow flowers can also be arranged in a vase and placed on a coffee table or dining table. Since these are mostly of wood, green linen in the form of napkins and coasters will contrast wonderfully with the rich brown of the furniture.

Think, see and feel green in your home; “A green room is a happy room!