Decaffeinated Tea

Decaffeinated Tea

Most of the black and green tea available in the market contain caffeine . An eight ounce of black tea contains 50 mg caffeine and green tea consist of 10 to 50 mg caffeine. 

The amount of caffeine in tea is not too high to cause serious health problems but it may cause restlessness ans sleeplessness  in people sensitive to caffeine. If you can remove the caffeine content from your tea then it will provide you all the nutrients and anti oxidants which adds health benefits to tea while discarding the harmful effects of the tea. There are different methods employed for removing caffeine from the tea and here are some of them.

Decaffeinate the Tea

Ethyl Acetate

Ethyl acetate is a chemical that is used for extracting caffeine from tea. But in the process of extracting caffeine, ethyl acetate may also remove almost 60 percent of the favorable antioxidants from tea.

Carbon dioxide and Water

This is a process used for decaffeinate the tea commercially and this method is called effervescence. Here the moistened tea leaves are revealed to a pressurized carbon dioxide chamber for some hours. Then the liquid formed is discarded and dry the left out tea leaves.  In this process only caffeine is extracted from the tea leaves while all other nutrients remain intact.


Caffeine is an antioxidant that is highly soluble in water. If the temperature of water is more then caffeine will dissolve faster. In this process almost 80 percent of the caffeine can be removed from tea leaves. Take your tea leaves in a separate container and to this add some boiled water.

Allow the tea leaves to steep in this water for about forty five seconds and then strain the liquid out of the tea leaves. This liquid will remove enough caffeine from your tea. Now boil some water in a pan and pour this boiled water to the tea leaves. Allow the tea leaves to steep in  this hot water for two to five minutes. Then filter the tea from then mixture and it makes your decaffeinated tea.

You can make decaffeinated tea at your home itself and can enjoy the benefits of tea with out fearing the side effects of caffeine.