Dealing with post-wedding blues

post wedding blues Couples spend months after the engagement in planning their wedding day. However, little thought is given to the married life than begins after the wedding. Ironically, the latter lasts only a day whereas the former is a lifetime event. The result is an emptiness and gloom that the couple hadn’t expected or thought about in their frenetic planning for the wedding.

The phenomenon of post-wedding blues is quite common and reasonable. Organizing an important event like a wedding is no child’s play; the innumerable tasks can leave a couple exhausted, physically and mentally. This momentum culminates in the euphoric wedding celebration, so a feeling of anticlimax is natural. However, if one handles this feeling in the right way, there would be no cause for worry.

Communicate as a couple
Your spouse is your life after the wedding. Remember that he/she will be there for you, no matter what. If you’re experiencing feelings of doubt, confusion or sadness regarding the marriage, your spouse is the best person to turn to for help. Chances are he/she may be going through the same thing.

Companions forever
In the stress and bustle of planning the wedding, the only time you may have had with your beloved is when you were planning for the wedding. There may have been squabbles, tears, and tantrums – not what one would call quality time.

In the days after the wedding, during the honeymoon and after, spend maximum time in each other’s company. Get to know each other all over again. Dating is different from living together for the rest of your life. Talk about your future, your dreams and desires, your problems and worries.

Looking backward and forward
Reminiscing about the wedding day is good – it’s a memory that you’ll smile back on forever. Nevertheless, looking forward is just as important. Give yourself something to look forward to – a family get-together, buying your first house or a vacation together.  It’ll take your mind off the emptiness, once filled by wedding coordination.

Remember that the wedding day isn’t the end, but the beginning of a new life!